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COP27 RALLY GALLERY: protest placards, rap, music

Climate Action Network members were out in force to support COP27 Global Day of Action on 12 November 2022. They and their families prepared personal placard messages about why we care so much about climate change - why we want to protect the planet and why it's so urgent that we all take action NOW!

Speakers at Grey's Monument included Jamie Driscoll, North of Tyne Mayor, and Anne-Marie Soulsby from the campaign to end £230+ million investment in fossil fuels by the Tyne & Wear Pension Fund. You can sign Divest Tyne & Wear's petition about it here.

Young Tynesiders Gwen, Safiah and Elsa spoke out about the disastrous climate crisis that has loomed over their lives and will change their futures - the legacy of the huge increase in carbon emissions that they have inherited but did not cause.

Below: Elsa delivers powerful rap message.

The rally was co-ordinated by the North East Climate Justice Coalition, working with local climate-concerned groups.

Community and campaigning groups travelled to Newcastle from around the region to take part in the Global Day of Action, which was marked around the world. The rally and march - led by the Bangshee drummers - ended at Haymarket, where a mini eco festival gave a chance to get involved with activist groups, faith organisations and campaigners for wildlife, air quality and climate science info.

Many thanks to all the Climate Action Newcastle volunteers who worked with Divest Tyne & Wear campaigners and Sunderland University students to prepare, protest and share the messages via livestreaming, photos, videos, placards and podcasting. Because there's no Planet B!

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