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Green and Fair Recovery

Climate Action Newcastle is a local group set up in association with Friends of the Earth.

This week 5th-11th October Friends of the Earth have organised a ‘week of action’ to engage communities in the campaign for a green and fair recovery from COVID-19. As part of that action we are calling for contribution from local residents in Newcastle asking how we can create a fair and green recovery? What actions would you like to see in your local area which would benefit the local environment and people?

We’re at a crossroads with an opportunity to combat climate chaos and contribute to a fairer and greener future for all! Please engage with us your ideas in the comments below and on our social media channels. Below are some examples of signposting action that is needed towards a green and fair recovery, suggested by our member Jacky.

Climate Action Newcastle looks forward to facilitating this discussion and looks forward to hearing your ideas!

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