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Choices to Avoid Buying New Fashion

Mark delved deep and found a range of ways we can all reduce buying new, save money, get creative and end up with more room in our wardrobes

Second-Hand Cycles

Craig Boggon is excited to share some of the less obvious second-hand loves in his life (woof woof).

Second-Hand Stories

Jacky Doran reminisces about the stories behind some of her family’s favourite second-hand treasures -these are a few of our happy memories.

I 💚 Second-Hand!

Olwyn realised how well the Second Hand September pledge to give up buying new worked when her belt buckle broke.

Plastic Free July

This month is Plastic Free July, a global campaign dedicated to raising awareness of plastic pollution while providing solutions & resources

Refill Shops Around Newcastle

It’s a great feeling to take a rucksack or reusable bag and return with NO containers or packaging! When we set out to reduce the amount...

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