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Second Hand September - Our Members Tips

We asked our members for recommendations on buying second-hand in Newcastle and their experiences of learning more about the benefits of reduce, reuse and repair. Check out our map to find your nearest second-hand sanctuaries and read on for a selection of our members’ thoughts & tips – you’ll be surprised what you can buy second-hand beyond clothes! (Hint: woof woof!)

Throughout September, we will be adding pictures of our members’ second-hand buys to our social media channels, so make sure you don’t miss out!

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Climate Action Newcastle member Olwyn Hocking realised how well the Second Hand September pledge to give up buying new worked when her belt buckle broke. She nearly went to buy a new one, then considered charity shopping instead.

“I liked my existing belt so I took it round charity shops and immediately found lots of choice of buckles that would fit.” She bought a belt costing £1, and a tailor then fitted it, and also fitted an old buckle to the charity shop belt.


Climate Action Newcastle member Craig Boggon is excited to share some of the less obvious second-hand loves in his life.

I love my cycling as you know. The last couple of "new bikes" for me have been second-hand.

The bike in the photo is from Recyke y’bike The bike is made in Newcastle (unlike me!) and that's it at Tynemouth.

Honestly the best, alternative "second-hand" is our adopted dog, Luna from Bryson's Animal Shelter! We give her so much love and she returns it! #Adoptdontshop


Climate Action Newcastle member Jacky Doran reminisces about the stories behind some of her family’s favourite second-hand treasures.

Our family and especially my daughters have always tried to buy second-hand and these are a few of our happy memories.

My younger daughter spent a large part of her gap year in Malawi as a helper in a school. She found this beautiful silk Ralph Lauren skirt in a street market there. It has a tiny mark on the hip which is probably why it set off on this epic journey.

Along with an amazing array of other lovely stuff, it made its way back to the UK where it has been worn for many events including a wedding in July this year. My daughter is now 35!


Friend of Climate Action Newcastle Eve McGrady tells us why she thinks fashion giants are behind the curve on sustainable fashion – despite recent tentative efforts to catch up. She recommends charity shops as the best way to revamp our wardrobes and shares top tips on bagging bargains!

Autumn always feels like a time to re-set. The changing of the seasons usually prompts wardrobe re-evaluation, as many of us begin new jobs, perhaps return to university, or simply feel in need of a sartorial makeover as the weather gets drearier.


Climate Action Newcastle member Mark Warner delved deep and found a huge range of ways we can all reduce buying new, reduce our guilt, save money - and end up with lots more room in our wardrobes!

After reading that fashion produces the second highest CO2 emmissions in the world behind the fossil fuel industry I realised I needed to know more.

I started out with Ethical Consumer Magazine - my go to resource for ethical shopping options, that led me down a rabbit hole of research into what options existed locally, nationally and what immediate actions I could take. Consider this a collection of my thoughts and research - please go and explore yourself and share what options you find too.


So, from toys to transport, from woolly coats to furry friends, it’s clear that second-hand shopping has a lot to offer in Newcastle so get out there and embrace it, be sure to share your second-hand finds with us too, we may feature them on our social media or future blogs.

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