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REPAIR & REPURPOSE: new maps and guide

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

It’s been great to see the rise of refill shops and reusing items. They’re now much more mainstream, so for this year’s Second Hand September, Climate Action Newcastle zoomed in on another vital change to help avoid waste and emissions. We've investigated the options to repair and repurpose items, to avoid them being thrown away. Some people are developing their skills - knitting with reused wool, sewing repairs, woodwork etc. But for those of us who are time poor or lack confidence, we're celebrating the support services available to help us to repair and repurpose items.

Please let us know your favourites! Email us at . The info will be added to the Google maps below.

The family-run Dickinson's is one that's popular with CAN members. We popped round to find out why, and David Begbie proudly showed the shop's Thank You cards!

Here’s a pulltogether of info we’ve gathered throughout Second Hand September 2022.

REPAIRS - includes electrical, clothing, household items and jewellery

  • Several members mentioned Dickinson's in Byker - "whatever you take, they'll say: yes, we can do that!"

Although it's primarily a shoe repair centre, they repair bags, suitcases, ski bags, and will stretch shoes and repair buckles and straps.

  • Olwyn has big thanks for Marcus King, tailor in Newcastle centre, who's helped with lots of second hand clothes alterations and also one-offs like adding a buckle to save a belt.


The growing number of bike repair shops are hugely welcome and usually very helpful!

  • Recyke y'bike is a brilliant charity based in Byker that keeps bikes out of waste by restoring them, then offering for sale, and it also offers lots of second hand parts and accessories

  • The Cycle Hub by the Tyne was recently featured by Climate Action Newcastle for trialling a prototype off-grid renewable energy service for passers-by (pictured).

Cycle Hub, Newcastle - Power Trip prototype

Here are further afield (and past) examples of events and hubs - if you know of anyone who might like to organise a Newcastle-based repair/thrift event, we’d love to support it!


  • Transition West Gateshead have a Fix It Cafe! Watch their website for dates, background article here.

  • Newcastle's Star & Shadow used to hold regular events

  • Leeds Market has held an annual event

  • The Festival of Thift has just held its 10th event!

Here's the full list of services featured on the Google maps shown in this blog.




  • Supastitch, Grainger Market, Newcastle

Supastitch repair shop
  • Marcus King, North St, Newcastle

  • Groom, Clayton Rd, Jesmond - now occasionwear only

  • Starstitch, 17 Saville Row, Newcastle

  • Dickinson's shoe repair, Shields Road, Byker


  • Old Eldon Jewellers, Old Eldon Square, Newcastle (near rear entrance to Boots)


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Oct 27, 2022

Thanks to the Repair blog and map I contacted Marcus King and they were able to take up some curtains i was struggling with at very short notice and for a very reasonable price. They were perfect and the service and communication from a family run business was first first class. What a relief!


Oct 11, 2022

Was great to see latest research from WRAP, a few weeks after this blog went live. They found there is definitely growing awareness of the value of repairs: 3 in 5 people now consider doing repairs, and when clothes are repaired, their lives are extended by an average of 1.3 years. It underlines again what climate champions our repair services are!

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