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MESSAGE OUR MPS: Axe Drax + Lynemouth

Updated: Oct 16

Local campaigners are urging MPs to take action to stop huge UK subsidies for the country's biggest carbon emitters: Drax and Lynemouth biomass power plants.

The call comes as the owner of Lynemouth power plant - the "Drax on our doorstep" - has been ordered by the energy regulator to repay £23m for violating market rules at another of its UK plants:

Ofgem has also taken action against Drax, which resulted in a payment of £6.12m.

Climate Action Newcastle's in-depth background report spells out how Lynemouth's biomass burning is causing deforestation across North America. Wood pellets are being shipped in record quantities through Port of Tyne, to produce the second highest levels of carbon emissions in the UK (only Drax is higher). Now it's feared that its owners, EPH, is seeking even more subsidies, to take part in the BECCS carbon capture scheme.

You can help stop this harmful waste of UK subsidies. Please demand that our Government - and whoever is in power after the next General Election - invests in real green energy and green jobs, not corporate money grab scams!

Please write to your MP (and let us know the response!):

Email with your campaigning news, the responses from MPs and any other updates.

If you prefer to phone your MP - that's good too! You can find your MP’s phone number on the parliament directory of MPs or on their website/social media.

Draft script:

Action taker: Hello can I speak to [your MP's name]?

Representative: (Likely to say no)

Action taker: Okay I understand

Action taker: Will you pass on my message? I’m urging [your MP] to prevent Lynemouth power plant from being given new subsidies for BECCS. It knows its technology doesn’t work, and they are using this as an excuse to keep receiving subsidies for burning trees. Green subsidies going to Lynemouth need to be redirected to real climate action, such as insulating homes. With record temperatures and devastating climate catastrophes around the world, it’s vital for the UK and other international policymakers to promote genuinely green and clear energy, rather than unproven technology which locks in polluting tree burning at scale.

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