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SECONDHAND SEPT: great supporter tips!

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

<<As usual, we've been sharing all our area's top tips and latest news, to mark Secondhand September. We'd love to hear your recommendations - any month of the year! - and see your pictures of recent triumphs. Please email us and we'll add them to this post. And here's Member Tips from previous Secondhand Septembers>>

Sarah's reminded us about Millers Auction Rooms in Byker - "I got a garden bench for £25"! Auctions every Tuesday from 10am.

What better month for Green Heart Collective to move to the heart of Gateshead - with a grand opening by the Mayor! Its pioneering work to champion the joys of "reuse" and "repurpose" is celebrated in this blog, which also has masses of info on many options for decluttering as well as finding pre-loved items.

Mark recommends this "excellent podcast series": "It looks at sustainable fashion from a range of different perspectives, looking at consumption, fast fashion, the pressures to consume sustainably, how we curb consumerism etc. A great series to share." It's Not That Radical: with Mikaela Loach

And here's a brilliant behind-the-scenes glimpse into the burgeoning clothes-for-hire trend. This interview is with Isabella West, who founded Hirestreet UK in a Newcastle basement! Five years on, it's hugely popular with more than a million hires a year.

Gapfinders - BBC Radio 4.

Emma kindly shared a list of vintage outlets in Newcastle, published by NE1:

Olwyn continues to be a big fan of Freegle. This is her blog, and here's recent accounts from happy freeglers - all helping to save millions of tonnes of items from landfill, and of course avoiding having to buy new. Freegle's become the U.K’s biggest and friendliest reuse network, and a big driver of the #ReuseRevolution.

  • "I've always hated throwing things away that still have life in them so Freegle is brilliant. This week I gifted something that just happened to go to a person who gave me something last year. There is something very satisfying about it coming full circle."

  • "I'd been rearranging my cupboards and had a couple of food containers that I no longer needed so told my husband that I'd put them on Freegle. He thought I was nuts and that no one would want them but later that day they were collected."

  • "i have been using freegle for quite a few years mainly to give away unused or unwanted items and have met some lovely people and have given various items such as framed pictures, duvet sets, rose bushes and a list too long to mention. i have also on occasion requested the odd item and am humbled by some peoples kindness. i once asked for a laptop for my granddaughter a long shot i know and it was brought to my house and was almost new - it renewed my faith in human kindness there are some wonderful people who contribute to this site."

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